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Subhanallah I need to change wallahi - sometimes knowing the fact that this world is nearly over scares the hell out of me - what if I don’t have enough imam or haven’t done enough studying about my religion- well all I can say is May Allah help us all and Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim brothers and sister who made it to this Ramadan - Do your best this Ramadan :) Ameen


Anonymous asked:

please acknowledge that both sides are at fault here. I hate it when people, israeli or palestinian, automatically blame the other side. there will be no resolution if you continue being blind to a certain side of the story.


I’m sorry if you think that. I just want to mention that when I say “Israel” we all know I’m not talking about every single Israeli, more so the corrupt government/Zionists. Also, what do you mean by both sides? I’m seeing images all over social media of children who’s legs have been blown off due to the bombs, young men who have been murdered, pregnant women who’s stomachs were cut open so they can witness they’re unborn baby dying before being killed. WHAT do you call all that? I have family and friends back in Palestine & when they call us and tell us about what happens and the things they have seen, it sickens me. My own parents lived in Palestine during the 1967 war. My mom would tell me stories about how she was 5 years olds and whenever a bomb would go off they would have to flee their homes and she’d see dead bodies lying on the streets, people whos heads have been blown off. I’m sorry but how can anyone, in their right mind, even try to defend the Israelies/Zionists? These monsters deserve to rot in hell, they’ve got the whole world wrapped around the finger and they’re brainwashing everyone. Oh so 3 Israelis have been kidnapped? The WHOLE world needs to know, show it on every news channel, talk about it for weeks, make sure everyone is informed, how could Palestine do this…
But a teen is burned alive and nobody even cares? Children are crying because they are so afraid from the sounds of the bombs going off, and nobody cares. They’re being orphaned and they have no homes. THE WORLD doesn’t care. You tell me why these children have to die when they have just barely lived to see the world. Wallah it’s so disgusting and shameful. And there nothing in world they can say to justify these actions.
Also, I am NOT saying all this because I, myself, am Palestinian. I’m saying it because I’m human and I think anybody with a heart can see what’s happening and realize that this isn’t about being on the side of the Israelies or being on the side of the Palestinians, rather it’s about standing with the truth. What’s wrong will always be wrong. I don’t care where you are from or what race you were born into, the killing of humans unjustly ANYWHERE and from ANY RELIGION is something we should all speak up for.
You want a resolution? The only resolution is that Israel needs to get out of the land they stole. Simple. That’s not happening though and we all know they’re going to stay at war with the Palestinians. But God is Greater than them and one day there will be justice for all.

I’m sorry if I offended you in what I said.

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