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ramadhan & eid..

the world still crying..our Islam’s family need helps..ya Allah ease everything…rewarded the syahid with love of Malaysia, ya Allah calm the heart of MH17 family..YA ALLAH may this ramadhan give a lot of signs for me to remember you always..aamiin


Anonymous asked:

Hello i'm nadia i'm from gaza before 3 days someone threw a grenade to a IDF soldier, my brother (he is 6) was near the soldier and this soldier saved my brother's life! The Hamas is killing us, stop hating israel, they're saving us from hamas! سلام





Omg, this is your ask?

Can you be any more obvious? Look, I understand you need to earn that paycheck, but this is way too flagrant.

Tip: First of all, nobody other than westerners and Israelis say “The Hamas”. You will not find a single Palestinian that says “The Hamas”.

Second of all, your story needs work. Not convincing in the slightest, rework your plot line, the climax was also lackluster.

Third, did you really think this would work? Like seriously? When you came up with the weaksauce ask, did you seriously think to yourself “damn this is a great ass story”?

How stupid do you think people are?

Go think about your life. No, I’m serious. Ask yourself, if your cause was  true, would you need to make up lies about it?

You know, ‘Nadia’ if you’re going to intentionally use terrible English grammar to pretend to be Palestinian, you might also want to misspell a few words. I give you a C at best for this poor attempt. Step up your game if you wanna get your paycheck from the Israeli Ministry of Propaganda.

P.S. ditch the Arabic سلام at the end, it’s not doing you any favors.

In case people are wondering why “Nadia” here is doing this: “Students offered grants if they tweet pro-Israeli propaganda


Subhanallah I need to change wallahi - sometimes knowing the fact that this world is nearly over scares the hell out of me - what if I don’t have enough imam or haven’t done enough studying about my religion- well all I can say is May Allah help us all and Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim brothers and sister who made it to this Ramadan - Do your best this Ramadan :) Ameen

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